During construction in any development there is potential for storm events to cause erosion and the removal of sediment from the site. Most smaller developments will require an erosion and sediment control plan only whereas bigger developments may require a stormwater management plan.

Controlling erosion and sediment removal from a site can reduce monetary costs for cleanup and damage repair after a storm event. The transport of sediment to other properties and waterways can cause environmental and legal problems.

Primary reference is “Soils and Construction Volume 1 ” 4th Edition , March 2004.
Generally plan type is governed by area of disturbance ref Table 2.1.

ESCP = Erosion and Sediment Control Plan , required for developments of less than 2500m^2.
SWMP = Soil and Water Management Plan , required for developments over 2500m^2
Requirement for sediment basins see Pg 6-8 if soil loss is less than 150 m^3 / year generally don’t need one.
Universal soil loss equation is in appendix 1.

BVSC specification D7 has some general requirements.