Our structural engineering services include the design of foundations and earth retaining structures, timber and steel frames, masonry and concrete structures. TEC also has experience in the design of straw bale, mud brick and stone masonry buildings.

Typically we are called upon to provide a complete structural engineering design for a residential house including:

  • Strip footings
  • Concrete Slabs and driveways
  • Waffle pod slabs
  • Beams and columns
  • Wind classification and tie down and bracing design.

Our structural experience also includes the design and or evaluation of  larger industrial structures including awnings, load frames, shelters, sheds as well as design of small one off specialty items like drum lifters, pipe saddles, pipe thrust supports, cheese lifters.

Our structural engineering services have been called upon to prepare damage assessments for structures including timber and concrete bridges, and residential and commercial structures.


Our civil engineering services have included earthworks design, road design, storm water drainage, as well as water and sewer infrastructure design. Starting with a survey data we are able to design roads, storm water, water and sewer as well as subdivision layout using state of the art software to prepare a complete civil design package.


Our geotechnical services include the investigation of soils and their engineering properties as they relate to the design of foundations and earth retaining structures. We conduct site classification investigations for buildings sites as well as detailed geotechnical investigations for building foundations, heavy equipment load platforms, bridge pier foundations, roads and embankment construction.


Our environmental engineering services include a diverse range of services relating to land and water management including:

  • Onsite waste water site assessments including evaluation of existing systems;
  • Contaminated land assessment including preliminary and detailed site investigations;
  • Petroleum underground storage tank assessment, evaluation and abandonment;
  • Soil and groundwater sampling investigations;
  • Acid sulfate soil sampling investigations;
  • Review of environmental factors reports;
  • Detailed statement of environmental effects reports.


TEC has experience conducting general construction inspections including:

  • Concrete formwork and reinforcement inspections;
  • Equipment load pad inspection evaluation and design;
  • Structural bracing and tie down inspections;
  • Drilled pier foundation inspections for bridges;
  • Level I, and II geotechnical inspections;
  • Supervision of compaction testing;
  • Proof rolling inspections.