The websites for councils in the far south coast of NSW which are geographically closest to us are listed below. Although we deal with these councils on a regular basis we do also prepare engineering plans and reports for submission to many other councils.

These council websites are a good source of information if you are planning any form of development. Development Control Plans and other policies prepared by these councils can be found on these sites.

Bega Valley Shire Council

Eurobodalla Shire Council

Snowy Monaro Regional Council


Exempt and Complying Development

Exempt development is development which council considers minor and having minimal impacts and can usually be undertaken with minimal or no council involvement. Refer to individual council or state government requirements for the criteria for this type of development.

Complying development is development which has minimal impacts and is ‘normal’ or ‘routine’. Generally council or state requirements are very specific and as long as the development meets their requirements then the process of obtaining approval is intended to be simpler and quicker.Refer to individual council or state government requirements for the criteria for this type of development.

Development Applications

Generally the first step in any development is a development application or DA. You can either contact council directly to enquire whether your project will need a development application or seek advice from a building designer. Some structures considered to have minimal environmental impact (such as small fences, barbecues and pergolas) do not need development consent as they satisfy requirements relating to size, location and structural soundness as set out in the relevant council’s local environmental plan (LEP), in a development control plan (DCP) or State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP). Some types of dwellings, including some single storey homes, can be classified as ‘complying development’ if they meet nominated standards and do not require development consent. The council or an accredited certifier (private certifier) can issue a complying development permit , enabling you to start work, as long as your plans comply with council requirements and standards. If your home or extension cannot be classified as  complying development you will need to lodge a development application (and at a later stage, an application for a construction certificate). Council staff should advise you from the outset if a DA is required.

Owner Builders

An owner-builder is an individual who does owner-builder work and holds a permit for that work. The work is usually the job of managing their own residential building project and performing the coordinating and contracting roles usually undertaken by the builder. Under NSW law all owner-builders must if proposing to do residential building work obtain an owner-builder permit issued by the Office of Fair Trading if the market value of that work is over $5000 and requires development consent under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 or is a complying development and relates to their own single dwelling or dual occupancy. Only one owner-builder permit can be issued within any 5 year period, unless the application and any earlier permit relate to the same land and to related owner-builder work or unless special circumstances exist.