Building design should be undertaken early in the development process. A building designer or architect can create design drawings for your development.

Typically this would include things such as a site plan, site analysis, building plans elevations and sections. These plans are architectural and will show features such as building dimensions and wall cladding types so that you will be able to see what the building will look like. Structural drawings on the other hand will contain details on specific structural members such as the size and span of a steel beam or the size of steel reinforcement to use in a reinforced concrete slab.

In NSW a BASIX certificate will usually be required for most residential developments. BASIX is an online program that is accessible to anyone. The user (usually the building designer) enters data relating to the house or unit design – such as location, size, building materials etc – into the BASIX tool. BASIX analyses this data and determines how it scores against the Energy and Water targets. The design must pass specific targets (which vary according to location and building type) before the user can print the BASIX Certificate. For more information refer to the BASIX website, local council or a building designer.

A bushfire assessment may also be required . For more for information refer to the publications section of the Rural Fire Service website, local council or a building designer.